Barbara Vigolo

I am Barbara, an Italian-Serbian videomaker and landscape photographer:


I have been a photographer since childhood, a passion passed on by my grandfather who traveled the world as a professionist.

I study constantly to update my technique, to fully understand sociology, and acquire a better knowledge of the software, to give life to increasingly immersive content, capable of showing the essence of who is being told.

I am fascinated by the differences we have in observing and interpreting the world, this drives me to travel in search of new horizons and cultures. To better understand the nuances of thought, I deepened my knowledge of foreign languages.

I am qualified as a Travel Agency Manager in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tour Leader in Emilia-Romagna.

For 17 years I was general practitioner assistant, I studied biology applied to nutrition sciences and I was a technician for anthropometric measurements for 4 years.

I love art: I explored it through drawing, especially charcoal portraits. I am a contralto, in my adolescence I studied opera singing for 5 years, both at the Conservatory of Music and as a private student. For 3 years I was in a symphonic metal band (Silent Opera) as Victoria. I love composing music. My grandmothers were seamstresses and I learned to sew Victorian-style or gala dresses.

Today I am writing my first novel (work in progress). 

Why should all this be important to you? Because I promise you that I will put all my skills and experience at your service to create you the best possible product!


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The Fires of the Fox

When the cold begins to caress the Arctic lands, the day embraces the night leaving it a longer dominion over the earth, so that its children can wake up while the rest of the world slowly falls asleep.
During these freezing nights, an ancient Finnish legend tells of a wonderful little creature: THE ARCTIC FOX.

Curious, she walks across the frozen tundra and when her bushy tail touches the snow making it fly in the sky, she gives life to the incredible spectacle of the Northen Lights, called Revontulet, which means the Fires of the Fox in Finnish.


Why Revontulet? Because the world is full of magic: it’s called science, culture, thought and those who live with curiosity taste a piece of it every day. To continue being the children we were, thirsty for knowledge and eager to share it to build a better world.

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